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Matt Danzer

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Obama Delays Afghanistan Troop Drawdown, Leaving War to Next President

Obama Likely to End Up as a War President

As U.S. Airdrops Arms to Syrian Rebels, Kurds Accused of War Crimes

Outgoing Army Secretary Blasts Congressional Budget Politics

Marines Having Trouble Retaining Newer Recruits

Obama Shifts Strategy on Training Syrian Rebels

Algorithm Could Help Robots Predict Human Actions

Is Putin’s Syria Intervention Meant to Teach a Lesson

Landmark Cybersecurity Could Reach Senate Floor Soon

Defense Authorization Bill Passes Senate, Headed for Likely Veto

Top Commander in Afghanistan Recommends More Troops Stay for Longer

NATO Issues Warning After Russian Warplanes Escorted Out of Turkish Airspace

Investigation of Airstrike Against Kunduz Hospital Raises Additional Questions

Right and Wrong Ways to “Train-and-Equip” Foreign Forces

Pentagon Resumes Survey of Colorado Facilities for Potential Guantanamo Replacement

CIA Undergoes Major Reorganization

Understanding the Putin Doctrine

Pentagon Voices Worries Over Defense Industry Mergers

Russian Airstrikes Target CIA-Backed Syrian Revels

American Ground Forces Assist Afghans in Battle for Kunduz

Putin Takes Advantage of Obama’s Efforts to Contain the Middle East

Drone Strikes Take Toll on Militant Leadership

U.S. Launches Airstrike in Afghan Effort to Retake Kunduz From Taliban

U.S., China Reach “Understanding” on Economic Cyber Espionage

U.S.-Backed Syrian Rebels Surrender Arms to Al Qaeda

Administration Working Group Shies Away From Proposing Encryption “Backdoors”

NSA Chief Says Ending Bulk Collection Will Make Job Harder

Petraeus: More Troops Needed to Defeat ISIS

Second Guantanamo Detainee Released in a Week

Chinese Fighter Jets Conduct “Unsafe” Intercept of U.S. Spy Plane

One Year Into ISIS Fight, Anti-ISIS Envoy Steps Down

Army Examines Physical Standards As It Prepares to Open Jobs to Women

U.S., China Negotiating Cyber Arms Agreement

NATO Militaries Look to Rebuild Conventional Forces

The Procurement Issues That Slowed Down the Syrian Rebel Training Program

What the Latest Guantanamo “Reengagement” Figures Tell Us

Navy, Marines to Open All Jobs to Women

US-Trained Syrian Rebels Down to “Four or Five”

Rumors of Missed Syria Deal Likely Overblown

Senate Could Renew Iran Sanctions Act For Potential “Snap Back”

Republican Debate Highlights Foreign Policy Divisions Within Party

Requiring Data Back Doors Would Break Encryption

White House Struggles to Take More Aggressive Cyber Stance

As Russia Builds Up Presence in Syria, Miscommunication Concerns Mount

Clapper: Snowden Leaks Killed Major Intelligence Program in Afghanistan

Pentagon Plans Cuts to Headquarters As Budget Gridlock Continues

Obama Achieves Iran Deal Milestone With House Republicans in Disarray

Coalition Ramps Up Efforts to Fight ISIS in Syria

Feds, Tech Companies Continue Data Battles in Court

Time for Congress to Authorize War With ISIS