The Symbolism of Obama’s Earth Day Visit to the Everglades

Posted April 23, 2015 at 5:00am

Slate explains why the Florida Everglades were “the right setting” for President Obama’s Earth Day comments on climate change.  

“Obama couldn’t have picked a better place to showcase how frustratingly complicated it’s been for America to take effective steps toward preparing for climate change.”  

“The Everglades are the subject of a multibillion-dollar comprehensive restoration plan, but 15 years in, there’s been precious little to show in terms of progress… As of 2015, only 13 of the 68 original projects that were part of the 2000 Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan have been federally authorized. What was supposed to be a $7 billion, 30-year project has since doubled in expected cost and may not be finished until 2050. By then, climate change is expected to produce a $40 billion hit annually to South Florida’s tourism industry.”