Vatican Releases Climate Declaration As Pope Prepares Encyclical on Environment

Posted April 29, 2015 at 5:00am

“A daylong Vatican meeting on climate, energy, ecology and equity has produced a declaration that offers a promising vision for religious and secular leaders eager to foster a sustainable human journey,” according to Andrew Revkin .  

“The event, attended by dozens of religious leaders, scientists, social and environmental campaigners and others, is part of Pope Francis’s campaign ahead of the release of his encyclical on the environment and equity.”  

“It’s encouraging to see subtle, but significant, wording here, in particular the phrase ‘and other low-carbon energy’ — code for both nuclear power and for ‘carbon capture’ methods of using fossil fuels that capture and sequester carbon dioxide (which will need an awful lot of large-scale development before they can be seen as a climate-scale option).”