Carter, Dempsey Slam Republicans Over Congressional Budget

Posted May 8, 2015 at 5:20am

“Republicans hadn’t even finished patting themselves on the back for passing the first budget in six years — a resolution that would add nearly $40 billion to the Pentagon’s war fund request — when the Defense Department’s top brass slammed their ‘budget gimmick’ as a ‘road to nowhere,'” according to Defense One .  

“Rather than addressing the looming budget caps that will snap back in January, the fiscal 2016 budget resolution the Senate passed Tuesday on a party-line vote uses the Pentagon’s Overseas Contingency Operations fund — a war chest not subject to the caps — to simply go around them.”  

“Carter, though appointed by Obama, was expected to have a cozier relationship with the Republicans on the Hill, thanks to his long service in the Pentagon, his close ties to the defense industry, and his work on acquisition reform. But his warnings on Wednesday — though familiar — were in sharp contrast with the chest-bumping of the Republican majority over the budget conference report passed Tuesday, which they touted as showing the party’s strength on defense and national security.”