Boehner Hammers VA Over Continuing Issues

By JM Rieger
Posted June 1, 2015 at 7:09pm
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Speaker John A. Boehner railed against the administration’s response to last year’s Veterans Affairs health system scandal on the floor Wednesday, ahead of the one-year anniversary of former VA Secretary Eric Shinseki’s resignation, pointing to funding and accountability measures Congress passed over the past year and the lack of results since then. “Instead of a new day at the VA, the American people are still seeing more of the same,” Boehner said. “Last year Congress gave the VA secretary new authority to fire employees, but while some 110 VA facilities kept secret lists to hide their wait times, just one person has been fired. One. What the hell happened to the rest of them? … If only the Veterans Administration did halfway as good a job of taking care of the bureaucrats as they do our veterans, we’d be in a lot better shape.”