V-22 Osprey: ‘In-demand’ and ‘Indispensable’

V-22 Haiti 2
V-22 Haiti 2
Posted June 22, 2015 at 5:00am

Heckl knows well the aircraft’s value and how it continues to drive new approaches to Marine Corps and Air Force mission sets.  

“It has literally changed the game,” he said in reference to recent military leadership demands that new amphibious assault ships be constructed to accommodate the V-22. “The appetite for the aircraft is almost hard to control, and the demand signal just continues to grow.”  

Echoing the sentiment of Brig. Gen. (Select) Heckl, Rick Whittle, one of the Osprey’s most vocal proponents, recently called it an “indispensable part of the United States military, playing triumphant roles in both war and peace.” Read his article in the New York Post .  

The V-22 Osprey is deployed around the world – on ships and in combat; it is performing missions not possible for other aircraft and saving lives where others could not. The Navy has made the decision to use the V-22 as the future Carrier onboard delivery (COD) platform. This Navy variant will be a baseline MV-22 aircraft with engineering changes to add an extended range fuel system, a high-frequency radio and a public address system.