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Scott Brown’s Slim Pickings

Contrary to what social media users might think, former lawmaker Scott Brown hasn’t been conned by any Nigerian princes. And he no longer has any need to curry favor with Big Pharma.  

So what would motivate the border-hopping Senate hopeful to throw his weight behind dietary supplements?  

Good, old-fashioned results.  

(Courtesy Scott Brown)
(Courtesy Scott Brown)

The one-time Massachusetts Republican (and occasional centerfold) recently got tongues wagging by taking to social media to espouse the benefits of modern medicine.  

“I was fat, slow and out of shape,” Brown, who upon the counsel of his son-in-law elected to tackle AdvoCare’s 24-Day Challenge, said others told him of his post-congressional physique. “At the end of the 24 days I lost 30 pounds. A couple of months later I tapered off to the weight that I want to be at — 181,” Brown informed his Facebook followers in a lengthy post. The unexpected missive included before-and-after shots of the now-trimmed down pol, as well as personal contact info for those looking for the fountain of youth in a jar.  

But before you go maxing out a major credit card, consider that Brown’s rapid reduction is atypical. And that his triathlon training regiment probably played as big a part — if not more so — than any cocktail of proprietary pills.  

The dramatic career change left a bad taste in some folk’s mouths.  


“Is this what you have reduced yourself to? Product promotion on Facebook? Disappointing,” groused one self-described supporter.  

Brown, who insists he’s not a paid shill and is apparently no longer a slave to public opinion, was refreshingly candid about the gutsy endorsement.  


“Photos don’t lie folks,” he stated online. “I don’t care if you do it Or not. Just answering inquiries.”  

Brown did not, however, respond to HOH’s questions about whether he will continue with the AdvoCare program now that he’s reached his target weight, or if any former colleagues have expressed interest in giving the dad-bod shredding makeover a go.


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