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Durbin Slams For-Profit Colleges, Education Department

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Two days after Corinthian College announced plans to close its remaining schools, Senate Minority Whip Richard J. Durbin laid into the Department of Education for its “unacceptable” response to the closings, while hammering the broader for-profit college industry. “I’m renewing my call to the Department of Education to reach out directly to the thousands of students who’ve been exploited by this Corinthian College. To provide discharge applications to these students and give them clear, upfront information about how transferring their credits to another school, may impact their ability to discharge their loans,” Durbin said. “You see, if you transfer these Corinthian credits — which are of limited value — to some other school, you can’t discharge your loan that you took out at Corinthian.” The Illinois Democrat later slammed the for-profit college industry, listing ongoing investigations into schools while lambasting the Education Department for including these same schools on a list of colleges Corinthian students could transfer to. “How in good faith can they tell these Corinthian students, who just had their college disappear and are sitting on a pile of debt, that these are viable transfer options for their students?” Durbin said. “Why is the U.S. Department of Education not blowing the whistle on this school and every other school that’s exploiting students all across America?”

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