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Republican Explodes on House Floor Over DHS Funding

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With the House poised to move on a short-term funding resolution for the Department of Homeland Security, Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, railed against President Barack Obama’s immigration executive orders on the House floor Friday afternoon, saying Obama “spoke his new amnesty law into being.” “This president didn’t even have the gumption to write an executive order and sign it, he spoke his new amnesty law into being, and then [Homeland Security Secretary] Jeh Johnson did a memo,” Gohmert said. “That took the power of Congress away from us.” Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi quickly rebuffed Gohmert’s remarks. “If you feel so strongly — because I don’t know if this is about thinking or feeling — so strongly about the immigration issue, and the executive actions taken by the president, I respect that,” Pelosi said. “[But] you’ve made a mess. You have made a mess … and every time I ask one of you what’s happening you say ‘I don’t know.’”