Defense Secretary Visits Israel As Iran Deal Stresses Relationship

Posted July 22, 2015 at 5:00am

“Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made an impassioned case against last week’s nuclear deal with Iran in talks with Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter on Tuesday,” according to The Washington Post , “signaling that disagreement over President Obama’s signature foreign policy feat could overshadow other aspects of the United States’ closest alliance in the Middle East.”  

“Officials said Netanyahu restated his objections to the agreement, including his contention that Iran would use more than $100 billion in funds made available through sanctions relief to threaten adversaries, chief among them Israel… But in what may be a sign of guarded expectations, given the intensity of U.S.-Israeli disagreement, U.S. officials characterized Carter’s visit and talks with Netanyahu as positive.”  

“They said the two sides discussed ways to jointly contain Iran’s support for proxy groups such as Hezbollah, the armed Shiite movement in Lebanon, and Hamas, the Palestinian Islamist group that controls the Gaza Strip… The U.S. officials said the United States and Israel are also exploring ways to deal with instability in next-door Syria.”