Office Space: Jeff Landry’s Louisiana Lair

By Mackenzie Weinger
Posted August 20, 2015 at 3:15pm
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Then-Rep. Jeff Landry gave a tour of his congressional office in 2011 for Roll Call’s “Office Space” series, which returns this fall. Landry, who is running for attorney general in Louisiana, represented the state from 2011 to 2013, and filled his Cannon House Office space with New Orleans Saints posters, Community Coffee Co.’s brew and bottles of Tabasco sauce. “Not every office on Capitol Hill greets visitors with a chain saw. Or an alligator head,” reporter Mackenzie Weinger wrote in the original 2011 story. “It was kind of weird because when I got there, they were signing it, and I said, ‘Oh, maybe they’re raffling this chain saw off for some, you know, charitable event,’” Landry said, who ran unsuccessfully for re-election in 2012. “And when the meeting was over, they presented it to me and said, ‘Listen, this is what we want you to go back to Washington and use on the budget and the deficit,’ so we thought we’d put it right here in the office. It certainly is an eye-catching piece of the office.” Landry’s is the third in a series of previously published Roll Call “Office Space” features that will re-run during the August recess. Check back in September for new episodes. Read more.