Office Space: Raúl Grijalva’s Little Tucson

By JM Rieger
Posted September 4, 2015 at 4:49pm
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Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva gave a tour of his congressional office in 2010 for Roll Call’s “Office Space” series, which returns this fall. Photos, flags and masks filled the Democrat’s office, each representing parts of his Arizona district. “While the four-term Congressman can’t find a burrito to rival the ones back home, he has found a way to combat his homesickness,” reporter Ali McSherry wrote in the original story. “Grijalva has made his space in the Longworth House Office Building look like a slice of the Grand Canyon State. The tiny office is brimming with Native American baskets, southwestern art and all things Arizona.” “There is certainly better Mexican food at home,” Grijalva said. Grijalva’s is the sixth in a series of previously published Roll Call “Office Space” features that will re-run during the August recess. Check back later this month for new episodes. Read more.