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Larry David Lends a Hand to ‘Fed Up’ Campaign

David, between bites, urged support the "Fed Up" Kickstarter campaign. (CQ Roll Call File Photo)
David, between bites, urged support the "Fed Up" Kickstarter campaign. (CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Larry David, as only Larry David can do, is  urging people to support efforts to get the food documentary “Fed Up” in the hands of the nation’s just-back-in-school teachers to help educate students about the food industry’s peculiar way of adding things (See: sugar, lots of it.) to its wares.  

“Hey, I’m Larry David. I’m having a fantastic meal here,” he says on a video taken ostensibly from his dining room table and posted on the “Fed Up” Kickstarter page . “It’s all fresh stuff. Fresh healthy stuff from my ex-wife’s garden, and because she gives me the food, I have to do something in return for her, of course. I’m divorced seven years and I still have to do this stuff,” the “Seinfeld” and “Larry David Show” creator smirks.  

And the ask? To back the Kickstarter campaign’s $150,000 goal. “All you have to do is, ehhh, give a little money, eh?” he says, taking a bite and pointing to his plate. “Everybody should eat like this,” he adds, signing off with a simple, “all right.”  

The filmmakers and team behind “Fed Up” have done other unconventional campaigns. Last year, as part of the documentary’s release and to parry criticism from the food industry, one publicity poster had a simple image: two M&Ms, one with “F” and the other with a “U” against a white backdrop and alongside the words “Fed Up. Now Playing.”  

The campaign, currently with about $38,000 pledged, has until Sept. 30 to raise the rest of its target.


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