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Science fiction is becoming science fact as Boeing’s Compact Laser Weapon System harnesses light to destroy its targets silently and precisely.  

Thanks to the invisible power of light, a target’s operator won’t immediately know how an unmanned aerial vehicle was disabled or destroyed. That means the system will provide essential advantages that are key to a mission’s success. Revert to original text  

The system destroyed a UAV during an August demonstration for Pentagon officials at Point Mugu in California. In September, the system destroyed a quadcopter during live-fire testing,  the first time the Compact Laser Weapon System tracked and defeated that type of UAV.  

The system sets up in minutes,  works in seconds, and operates on about a cup of fuel to generate its power. It’s portable, uses a commercially-available laser, and can be operated by a single person with a laptop and a game-style controller.  

Check out this video to see how directed energy can protect the warfighter.  

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