Ryan Outlines Appropriations Strategy

By JM Rieger
Posted November 6, 2015 at 2:23am
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In pursuing a departure from “business as usual,” Speaker Paul D. Ryan is crowdsourcing his members for ideas on how craft a spending deal for the remainder of fiscal 2016. “So things are gonna be done a little differently around here,” Ryan said Thursday, at his first solo news conference. “I laid before our conference today a choice of options,” he said. “Instead of having leadership pre-determine, pre-negotiate and pre-decide how things are gonna go, I wanted to invite our members to discuss how we move forward.” One of those options could be debating and voting on individual spending bills on the House floor — those that were never considered after controversies over Planned Parenthood and the Confederate flag derailed the appropriations process — even with a Dec. 11 deadline to negotiate the full “omnibus” package. Read more.