Fundraising pitch: ‘Trump Under Attack…Protesters Storm RNC’

But really, it was a couple of CodePink ladies and a guy in a papier-mache mask

Posted May 12, 2016 at 5:15pm
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Being greeted by protesters is often a negative for political candidates. But maybe not for Donald Trump.  

A super PAC that supports the presumptive GOP presidential nominee is trying to turn that into a money-making opportunity.  

Protesters demonstrated outside the Republican National Committee as Trump arrived for a meeting Thursday with Speaker Paul D. Ryan.   

Soon after, an email from Great America PAC, which supports Trump, said the billionaire businessman “was met with hundreds of protesters and people attacking his campaign” and asked for campaign donations.  

“The protests we saw today are just the beginning. Donald is going to be facing potentially the worst and ugliest campaign attacks that our nation’s seen in decades,” the email read. It ran under the headline: “Protesters Storm RNC Headquarters during Trump Meeting.” However, those numbers seem a bit high. Live coverage of the meeting showed that while there were protesters, they were not in the “hundreds” that the email request for donations described.   

The PAC is not affiliated with Trump and flies in the face of Trump’s message that he is a self-funded candidate.  

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