US Navy Chief to Meet New Zealand Military Leaders

Posted May 16, 2016 at 11:46am reports: “One of the most important men in the United States military is in New Zealand and the issue of whether or not an American navy ship will be sailing our way later this year will be up for discussion.”  

The piece continues: “US Secretary of Navy Ray Mabus will be meeting with a number of military leaders and officials on a wide range of issues this week.”  

“The New Zealand navy’s invitation to the US to send a ship to its 75th anniversary celebrations will likely come up in talks, but it isn’t the reason for his visit, Mr Mabus said in a statement.”  

“‘Yes, the United States has received an invitation to the Royal New Zealand Navy anniversary celebration planned for this coming November. No decision has been made yet and we do not have a time frame on when a decision will be made,’ he said.”