After Body Check, Justin Trudeau’s Apology Tour Rolls On

Opposition leader left chamber after angry bump from Canadian prime minister

Posted May 19, 2016 at 4:52pm

Call it Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s apology tour.  

President Barack Obama’s North American BFF has now said he is sorry three times for body checking a female lawmaker on Wednesday during an altercation with another member of the country’s parliament.  

Video footage of Wednesday’s session shows an angry Trudeau, 44, walking with purpose toward a group of lawmakers. He takes one lawmaker by the arm and begins walking him away so a vote could begin.  

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rudeau Could be Obama’s Progressive Heir]

That’s when the real trouble started because Trudeau bumped opposition lawmaker Ruth Ellen Brosseau, who had to leave the chamber due to the contact.  

In the video, Trudeau does not seem to realize what he’d done. He apologized twice Wednesday, then again Thursday inside the chamber.  

“I made a mistake. I regret it and I’m looking to make amends. I expect better behavior of myself,” Trudeau said. “I ask Canadians’ understanding and forgiveness.”  

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