Congress Seeks to Strengthen U.S.-Taiwan Military Alliance

Posted May 31, 2016 at 8:47am

The Washington Times reports that “the United States is required by law to go to war to defend Taiwan if communist China invades — an alliance that conjures up visions of a close working relationship between the democratic nation and the Pentagon.”  

“But Washington in fact exercises a lukewarm policy toward Taipei so as not to offend Beijing, which refuses to recognize the Republic of China and has long-standing ambitions to forcibly absorb the island 100 miles away. The U.S. standoffishness comes down to the basics: It discourages Taiwanese military personnel from wearing their uniforms while visiting the U.S.”  

“Sen. Daniel Coats, Indiana Republican, is attempting to lift that dress code restriction with an amendment to the 2017 defense budget bill that will be debated on the Senate floor in June.”