Plan to Cut Military Housing Allowance Faces Opposition

Posted June 7, 2016 at 3:07am

Military Times reports that “military advocates are baffled over a Senate plan to overhaul troops’ housing stipends, saying the change appears unneeded and potentially crippling to family finances.”  

“’We view Basic Allowance for Housing as an earned benefit, and we don’t agree with trying to reduce that benefit,’ said Michael Barron, deputy director of government relations at the Military Officers Association of America. ‘This is not just frivolous money being spent by troops.’”  

“Included in the Senate Armed Services Committee’s draft of the annual defense authorization bill are plans to overhaul how BAH is paid out troops. Instead of flat fees based on rank and ZIP code, the new system would refund only what troops pay out in rent and utilities costs, stopping troops from pocketing leftover stipends if they find cheaper housing.”