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Rubio for Senate: Will He? Won’t He?

Florida House member said Friday Rubio would run, later said he doesn't know

A Florida congressman tossed fuel Friday on the heated speculation about whether Sen. Marco Rubio would run for his old seat, saying in an early morning interview that the state’s Republican senator has “said he’s getting in,” the race, then later backing down from the declaration.  

Florida Rep. David Jolly, who is dropping his bid for the GOP Senate nomination to seek re-election to his House seat, made his initial statement during an early morning CNN interview, during a discussion about his own political future. His spokesperson told a CNN political reporter minutes later, however, that Jolly had, “no actual knowledge of a Rubio decision.”

Rubio, who sought the GOP presidential nod, has hinted in recent days that he is reconsidering his plan to retire from the Senate after Sunday’s massacre of 49 people at an Orlando nightclub.  

His spokeswoman Olivia Perez-Cubas said on Friday that nothing had changed since Rubio addressed the issue Wednesday. She referred to the following statement:  

“Obviously, I take very seriously everything that’s going on, not just in Orlando but in our country, and I enjoy my service here a lot,” Rubio said. “So I’ll go home later this week and I’ll have some time with my family, and then if there’s been a change in our status, I’ll be sure to let everyone know.”  

[ Rubio Opens the Door Further On Senate Run ]  

Rubio has faced pressure from high-ranking members of the GOP to reconsider his intentions to retire from the Senate after his failed presidential bid. Many in the party think the GOP would lose the Florida seat without Rubio in the race.

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