Rep. Shuster on Negotiating U.S. Military Spending Plan

Posted July 12, 2016 at 9:55am

Public Opinion Online reports that “U.S. Rep. Bill Shuster, R-Everett, will be among the few congressmen negotiating the final spending plan for the U.S. military in fiscal 2017.”  

“’I am honored to be named one of the chief negotiators in Congress on this crucial defense funding legislation,’ Shuster said. ‘Now more than ever we need a strong military to destroy our enemy – radical Islamic terrorists. I will ensure that the measure sent to the president’s desk provides the funding needed to allow our armed forces to carry out their duty of protecting this great nation and its people from anyone that wants to harm us.’”  

“The House and Senate have each passed a version of the National Defense Authorization Act. Shuster was among 31 House members selected to serve on the conference committee negotiating the differences between the bills. Shuster said he is a ‘core conferee’ or a chief negotiator.”