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Is Trump ‘Mr. Brexit’?

Left to interpretation, Twitterverse draws its own conclusions

Donald Trump liked the moniker “Mr. Brexit” that he used to describe himself in a Fox News interview Wednesday so much that he repeated that proclamation in a Thursday tweet and confused the internet.

Fox & Friends tried to clear up the confusion by posting a clip of the original interview.

Then Fox Business anchor Stuart Varney analyzed the phrase fully.

“The polls are suggesting that Trump loses in a landslide. Well, let’s see what happens in November,” Varney said. “But the main point is that the establishment in America universally opposes Donald Trump. Just the way they universally opposed leaving [the EU].”

Others seemed to agree that this is what Trump was alluding to and questioned the analogy.

Others in the Twitterverse were a little more loose in their analysis.

There was even a shout-out to the original Mr. Brexit.

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