Army to Create ‘Wireless, Crew-Served Thermal Weapon Sights’

Posted December 13, 2016 at 5:44am

Defense Tech reports that “the U.S. Army will soon begin to produce wireless, crew-served thermal weapons sights that connect to a soldier’s helmet display, service officials recently told Scout Warrior.”

“Using a wireless link, gun-mounted thermal sights send a targeting reticle from the gun to a soldier head-worn display, allowing soldiers to hit targets without needing to physically ‘look’ through the gun-sights themselves. Designed for the M2 .50-cal, M240 machine gun and Mk 19 grenade launcher, the system brings higher-resolution thermal imaging technology and increases field of view, developers explained.”

“’This is the first time the soldier will have a system which combines a true day and night capability with a laser range finder to adjust for the ballistics of the various ammunition types for the crew served weapons,’ an Army official told Scout Warrior.”