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Congress Outlines Items Required to Grow U.S. Military

Popular Mechanics reports that “the Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Arizona Senator John McCain, released a paper on Tuesday calling for the Pentagon to receive a nine percent boost in defense spending next year. The plan calls for spending more than $400 billion over five years, reversing what the Senator calls ‘damage done to the military over the past eight years.’ The plan roughly mirrors defense spending increases proposed by President Elect Donald Trump.”

“The document, called Restoring American Power: Recommendations for the FY 2018-FY2022 Defense Budget, calls for spending an additional $430 billion in defense spending during that five year period. The Senator claims that the Budget Control Act of 2011—also known as the Sequestration—created ‘havoc’ when it was activated in mid-2013, triggering $41 billion in cuts while failing to actually decrease the federal debt.”

“The document warns that ‘China and Russia aspire to diminish U.S. influence and revise the world order in ways that are contrary to U.S. national interests.’ It also warns that North Korea and Iran pose threats to regional security, and that Al Qaeda, the Islamic State and other terrorist groups are threats into the foreseeable future. McCain also warns that cyber warfare, irregular warfare (such as those tactics practiced by Russia in 2014 in the Crimea) were ‘gray zone’ threats that need a U.S. response.”

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