A Pet Rock, a Stuffed Animal and a Chihuahua: These Are Some of the Pets Our Readers Think Trump Should Get

We asked our readers to suggest what type of dog President Trump should get

Posted October 12, 2017 at 5:03am

Two weeks ago, we posed a question to our readers: President Donald Trump is the first president in more than a century not to own a pet. What kind of dog should he get? We asked people to use the hashtag #POTUSpup and promised to publish the best responses.

Our request became one of our most popular Facebook posts. With 342 comments on our Facebook page at time of publication and a handful of answers on our website, most of our readers think Trump should not get a dog at all, worrying for the well-being of the pup (though some of them were OK with Barron Trump having a pet).

Other readers suggested a pet rock or a stuffed animal, arguing that Tump is unable to care for another living creature.

Presidential Pups? Even Asking the Question Can Stir a Social Media Ruckus

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But among the people who did play along, the answers varied from a corgi to a German shepherd to a chocolate Lab.

One reader suggested getting a dog could help the president curb his controversial Twitter habit.

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While it seems unlikely that Trump will get a pet anytime soon, it is clear that asking a seemingly harmless question such as what dog he should get can become a polarizing topic. Even the term “fake news” made an appearance in the comments.