Bad Dad Jokes for Father’s Day

Ryan and McHenry face off with lame puns

(YouTube Screenshot)
(YouTube Screenshot)
Posted June 15, 2018 at 1:51pm

Now we know what goes on in the Ryan and McHenry households for Father’s Day.

To mark the day, Speaker Paul D. Ryan and Rep. Patrick T. McHenry faced off across a table and traded some pretty lame dad jokes, trying to make the other laugh.

Ryan scored with a short joke on his less-tall colleague (The Washington Post once reported he was 5-foot-3). McHenry got Ryan to break with a cheese joke (because he’s from Wisconsin, and there is lots of cheese there)

HOH’s favorite was Ryan’s “What does an angry pepper do? It gets jalapeño face.” It got a laugh from McHenry, too.

Ryan is a father of three and McHenry has two children.

Happy Father’s Day.