12 Ratings Changes: Democrats Could Gain Up to 8 Governor Seats in 2018

By Nathan L. Gonzales
Posted September 7, 2018 at 6:37pm

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Roll Call elections analyst Nathan L. Gonzales has a dozen updates to his ratings for the 36 gubernatorial seats up for election this midterm. Eight of his recent shifts favor Democrats, who are poised to make gains that could be crucial ahead of the 2020 census count and ensuing redistricting fights. Below are all the ratings changes. You can also explore the map at Roll Call’s 2018 Election Guide: • Arizona: Shift from Likely Republican —> Lean R • Georgia: Likely R —> Lean R • Iowa: Lean R —-> Tilt R • Kansas: Likely R —> Lean R • Maine: Lean D —> Tilt D • Maryland: Lean R —> Likely R • Oklahoma: Likely R —> Lean R • Oregon: Likely D —> Lean D • Pennsylvania: Lean D —> Likely D • Rhode Island: Likely D —> Lean D • South Dakota: Solid R —> Likely R • Wisconsin: Lean R —> Toss-up