12 Ratings Changes for House, Senate and Gubernatorial Races: 4 Toward GOP, 8 Toward Democrats

By Nathan L. Gonzales
Posted October 18, 2018 at 2:58pm
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With so many close races in the ever-changing 2018 landscape, Roll Call elections analyst Nathan Gonzales has one big question: how long after Election Day will the nation have to wait before knowing which party will control Congress? Watch the video for Gonzales’ analysis, plus a debrief on a handful of ratings changes less than three weeks out, which are listed in full below. Senate New Jersey from Solid Democrat to Likely Democrat House Arizona’s 2nd District from Tilt D to Lean D Illinois’s 14th from Solid Republican to Lean Republican Michigan’s 11th from Toss-up to Tilt D Nevada’s 4th from Likely D to Lean D Ohio’s 12th from Tilt R to Toss-up Texas’s 23rd from Tilt R to Lean R Governor Arizona from Lean R to Likely R Illinois from Lean D to Likely D Michigan from Tilt D to Lean D Minnesota from Lean D to Likely D South Dakota from Likely R to Lean R Check out the for more on each race.