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The Mueller report is exactly as long as Kim Kardashian’s coffee table book

The special counsel and the reality star both love the number 448. The similarities are uncanny

Kim Kardashian is studying to be a lawyer. (JP Yim/Getty Images)
Kim Kardashian is studying to be a lawyer. (JP Yim/Getty Images)

With all of the heated discussion surrounding the release of today’s Mueller report (and I know what you’re thinking, “What Mueller report?”), I can’t help but notice one thing that’s been redacted (see what I did there?) from the conversation: the ungodly amount of pages in this thing.Now, I’d like to wishfully think that minimal paper has been wasted, since the report was delivered on a CD — because today is Thursday, after all, and apparently we’re throwing it back to 1997. But 448 pages? Random, right?

Not so much. It turns out Robert Mueller isn’t the only law enthusiast who’s penned a literary work (of sorts) at this length. 

Enter Kim Kardashian West.

The famed celebrity also compiled a deeply researched report: her book “Selfish,” a portfolio comprising the media mogul’s most personal photographs — and there are very, very many. How many, you ask?

Four hundred and forty-eight pages worth, according to booksellers like Barnes And Noble and Amazon.

It’s also worth mentioning that the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star is on her way to becoming a lawyer and recently passed what most assume is a law-related test.

Oh, and her father’s name? Robert, also an attorney.

The similarities are uncanny, but the question now remains: Which one will pass the “Barr” first?