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Advancing the potential for tobacco harm reduction.

Learn how Altria is Moving Beyond Smoking ™.

Today’s adult smokers are looking for alternatives.

Adult smokers are seeking new options, including those that reduce risk. In fact, our research estimates 53 percent of adult tobacco consumers ages 21+ are interested in completely switching from cigarettes to a smoke-free (non-combustible) tobacco product.1 According to a recent survey, two out of three Americans support tobacco harm reduction, an established public health strategy that supports transitioning adult smokers who can’t or won’t stop smoking to less risky tobacco products.2

Realizing the potential for tobacco harm reduction.

At Altria, we’re building a diversified business model with smoke-free products to further our harm reduction goals and achieve our Vision to responsibly lead the transition of adult smokers to a smoke-free future.

Importantly, we will work within the framework that government, public health and regulatory bodies have established to communicate about reduced harm choices. And for any tobacco consumer who wants to quit, we offer access to a breadth of information from experts on how to do so successfully.

Mohamadi Sarkar – Fellow, Regulatory Strategy & Engagement

Keeping close watch over Underage Tobacco Access.

As we take these steps forward, a critical and consistent priority for Altria is remaining vigilant that harm reduction is an off-ramp for adult cigarette smokers and not an on-ramp for underage tobacco use. That’s why we supported raising the federal legal age of purchase from 18 to 21 and have led underage tobacco prevention efforts for decades. According to expert data, youth smoking rates are at 2.1 percent today ─ a historic low ─ and we continue our commitment to be part of the solution.

Paige Magness – Senior Vice President, Regulatory Affairs

Adult smokers are interested in smoke-free alternatives.  Science exists to support harm reduction, and there is a robust regulatory framework designed to protect public health. Now is the time to realize the opportunity of harm reduction for adult tobacco consumers.

To learn more about what we’re doing to move to a smoke-free future, visit

1 Altria Client Services Consumer Market Insights Data

2 Altria Client Services, Nationwide Survey December 2022: Adult Smokers 21+ and General Population Adults 21+

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