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Chris Cillizza

The Latest From Chris Cillizza

GOP Claiming Big Momentum

Pirro Announces Clinton Challenge

’08 PACs Use Varied Strategies

PFA Receives $1 Million From Head of Univision

Clinton Sets Intimidating Pace

Coleman: Blue-State Senator Has Become A Key Bush Ally

Bayh Upping Iowa Outreach

Practical Jokes, Formalities Marked Historic Nomination

Clinton Allies Fight Repeal of Estate Tax

FEC Warns Daschle on Expenses

Activists Cool Their Jets As They Wait for Bush

Kerry, Edwards Pay N.H. Staffers

Senate Won’t Rush Hearings

GOP Sees MoveOn as Wedge

Frist-Allen Relationship Fraying?

GOP Shifting Iraq Focus

Veto-Free Streak May End Soon

527 Aims for Six-Year Drumbeat on Senate GOP

Teams Stock Up on New Talent

Bush Hears Iraq Concerns

White House Isn’t Wavering on DeLay

Hutchison Rejoins Leadership Fray

Money Key to Biden Bid


Consulting Firms Facing Conflicts in 2008

Dinner, a Movie and the President

Huckabee Gearing Up for ’08

Portman Key to CAFTA?

Bush Targets N.D., Fla. Races

Bush Turns to House for Help

Cox Nominated for SEC Chairmanship

Clark’s Hill Role Step Toward ’08?

Bills Scold Executive Branch


Clinton Hosts Iowans

Democrats Seeking to Tie Frist to DeLay

Social Security Draws Few Big Donors

Pursuable Democrats Wait to Talk

Rove Discusses Reid in Nevada Meeting

Roll Call’s 10 Best Senate Races

GOP Pressures Nebraska Governor

Ads Target Thomas, Wilson On Social Security Overhaul

Chris John Ponders Return

Liberals Wary of 527 Reform

Hutchison: Poker-Faced, but Active

Seeking a New Coach

Western Slope Off the Map

Issue a Big Factor in Tenn. Senate Race

Member Travel Rankings Could Hurt Ford Bid

Lampson to Challenge DeLay