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Paul Kane

The Latest From Paul Kane

Alito Energizes Right and Left

Bittersweet Goodbye to O’Connor

Timeline Uncertain for Next Court Nominee

Miers’ Withdrawal Throws Wrench Into Senate Calendar

Frist Embraces HCA on Stump

Newcomers on Right Key to Miers’ Fate?

Dobson, Bauer Face Questions

Specter Cool to Miers’ Response

Clinton Finds 47K New Donors

Frist Predicts Full Exoneration

Schumer Questions Miers’ Knowledge of Cases

Miers’ Role in Vetting Limited

Bing Is Minority’s Odd Man Inside

Fight Over Nominee Heats Up

Brownback Calls for Thoroughly Questioning Miers

Lott Eyes Return As Whip

Ethics Aide in Cross Hairs

Coburn Battle Nears Climax

Republican Senators Rally Around Frist

Frist: HCA Stock Sale Was Proper

Reid Follows Frist, Sets Up Blind Trust

Frist Braces for Stock Probes

Senate Democrats to Focus on ‘Strength’

Democrats Look To Expand Model

Reid: Roberts Will Join Court

A December Court Battle?

Daschle Seeks to Get Back in Game

Brownback Outlines Terms for Next Pick

For Coburn, End Of Practice Nears

Right Pleased With Specter

White House Hopefuls Facing Dilemma

Democrats Split on Bush’s Consultation

Hearings Set for Monday

Healthy Growth

Bush Raises Stakes on Roberts

Foes Hope to Slow Roberts

Provision Splits Frist, McCain

McCain Shuffles Deck

Biden Taking PAC Donations

VolPac Raises $1.9M in Six Months

Roberts Battle Moves Ahead

Practical Jokes, Formalities Marked Historic Nomination

Senate Set for Roberts Fight

Santorum Facing Democratic Fire

Delayed Court Pick Unexpected

Congressional Democrats Hammer Rove

Senate Won’t Rush Hearings

Brownback Asks for Meeting With Gonzales

GOP Sees MoveOn as Wedge

Bush Initiates Talks With Deal Signers