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Joshua Miller

The Latest From Joshua Miller

Palmetto State Showdown: Sanford Vs. ?

Eastern Kentucky Coal Clouds Potential Judd Senate Bid

Did McConnell Wait Too Long to #StandWithRand?

Farm Team: Arkansas Has Deep Democratic Bench but Few Opportunities

Competitive Florida Field Shrinks in ’14

Coble Discharged from Hospital, Won’t Return to D.C. This Week

Coble Hospitalized for Severe Dizziness in North Carolina

Steep Slog for Democrats to Win Back Arkansas

Brewing GOP Primary Could Spoil Landrieu Challenge

Kentucky Democrats Fear Judd May Drag Down Ticket

Obama Commits to At Least 14 Fundraisers

Georgia Senate Race to Test GOP

Backslapping Barrow Faces Big Senate Choice

Lynch, Markey Ready for Senate Primary Brawl in Massachusetts

Hickey Draws on Time in the Trenches to Lead NRCC

‘Free-for-All’ in Georgia Senate Race?

2014 Could Bring a Political Novelty: A More Limited House Playing Field

Hotels Hit by Second Inaugural Slowdown

Five Races to Watch in 2013

Family Names May Sustain Southern Senate Democrats

Sanford Likely Front-Runner in S.C. Special Election

Top Democrats Try to Clear Senate Field for Markey, but Others Considering the Race

Scientist, Farmer Brings Tea Party Sensibility to House

Appointment Speculation Centers on Rep. Tim Scott

Landrieu Ready, Eager to Take On GOP Challengers in Increasingly Red State

Emerson Resignation Sets Off Scramble in Missouri

Boustany Has the Edge but Landry Confident

Inside the 2014 Senate Races

Capito Gets an Early Start on 2014 W.Va. Senate Race

Speculation Churns on Chambliss Challenger

Democrats’ Bench Thin in Georgia

Walden Wears Eagle-Scout Badge Like His GOP Mentor

Hagan Targeted by GOP, Ready for 2014 N.C. Race

A Week After Election, West Still Not Conceding

Redistricting Helped Limit GOP’s House Losses

Photo Finish: Close Presidential and Congressional Races Could Affirm the Status Quo

Scott DesJarlais at Risk in Conservative Tennessee District

Senate Battle Remains Close; Democrats Set for Small House Gains

John Tierney in Tough Spot as Election Day Looms

Massachusetts Senate Victor Likely to Claim Edge From People’s Pledge

No Wave, but Sleeper Races Could Surprise

Either Party Could Benefit From a Move on Immigration

Barack Obama, Mitt Romney Tangle in Heated Second Presidential Debate

Challengers Outraise Vulnerable House Incumbents

Joseph Biden, Paul Ryan Spar in Spirited Debate

Money From GOP Outside Groups Sparse in House Battles

New England Region Roundup

Mid-Atlantic Region Roundup

South Region Roundup

Midwest Region Roundup