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Dodd Throws His Support to Lieberman, Will Serve as Honorary Campaign Chairman

Explaining that he was acting as a friend, not out of a sense of political obligation, Sen. Chris Dodd announced Monday that he will endorse fellow Connecticut Democratic Sen. Joe Lieberman’s White House candidacy.

“He is a great leader to begin the 21st century and get us on the right track,” Dodd said of Lieberman, who lifted up his leg to show the green socks he was wearing in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. “I look forward to the inauguration of Joe Lieberman.”

Dodd, who had considered running himself, announced March 3 that he would not join Lieberman, the party’s 2000 vice presidential nominee, in the crowded field of Democratic hopefuls. Instead, he will focus on his work in the Senate.

The endorsement came on a “serious day,” Lieberman said, referring to what appears to be an imminent war with Iraq. However, he said it was still a time for some happiness as he announced that Dodd will be the honorary chairman of his campaign.

“I can’t think of anyone I’d be more able to turn to for political advice and pleasure,” said Lieberman, who was presented with a button reading “Irish Americans for Lieberman” from Dodd’s toddler daughter.

After the quick announcement at Capitol Hill’s Washington Court Hotel, talk turned to Iraq. As the United States seems to be moving ever closer to waging war without the United Nations, Lieberman expressed his support for international backing.

And Dodd added: “This wouldn’t have happened under a presidency of Joe Lieberman. He would have had that support.”

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