Makeover in New Hampshire 1st District: Freshmen Rep. Shea-Porter

Posted January 18, 2007 at 1:00am

Correction: A quote in the story, from political scientist Dante Scala, was intended to underscore that Democrat Carol Shea-Porter drew more energetic support from Democratic voters than her primary opponent, Jim Craig.
The following article, by’s Jessica Benton Cooney, profiles one of the surprise winners who helped boost the Democrats to a House majority in the current 110th Congress: Carol Shea-Porter, who took 51 percent of the vote to unseat two-term Republican Rep. Jeb Bradley in New Hampshire’s 1st District.
The story is the latest in an occasional series about Democratic House freshmen from politically competitive districts, what they are doing to steel themselves against future Republican challenges and what the GOP is planning as the party tries to reclaim at least some of these seats in the next national campaign.