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Seals Seeks ‘Anti-War’ Label in 10th District

Dan Seals recently staked his claim to the “anti-war” label now that he faces a credible challenge for the Democratic nod in the Prairie State’s 10th district.

Seals, whose long-shot bid to unseat Rep. Mark Kirk (R) almost was successful last year, technically bashed Kirk for his vote against immediately redeploying troops from Iraq earlier this month. But clearly his shot was intended to also strike Jay Footlik (D), the business consultant who only recently decamped Washington, D.C., to compete with Seals.

“I am the only candidate who has opposed the war from the start and the only one who unequivocally supports a responsible timeline for withdraw,” Seals boasted in a news release.

Kirk beat Seals 53 percent to 47 percent, which won him the right to try again, according to many local Democratic activists. But Footlik impressed even skeptics by raising nearly $290,000 during his first quarter in the race.

— Nicole Duran