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Money Matters

An audit of the House of Representatives financial reporting system released by the House Inspector General Aug. 13 found that House management has maintained effective internal control over its finances. [IMGCAP(1)]

The report, conducted by the firm Cotton and Co., studied the chamber’s reporting system in fiscal 2005 and 2006. While giving an overall positive review, auditors did urge the House to improve its financial information system and the procedures to ensure completeness and accuracy of the financial statements.

In his written response to the report, House Chief Administrative Officer Dan Beard concurred with the recommendations and added his office is acting on them.

The IG also made public a July 13 audit that gave the management of the Clerk of the House’s office a mostly positive review. But the IG urged improvement of the office’s succession planning.

In her response, Clerk Lorraine Miller wrote that she agrees with the report and has developed a succession plan to ensure the continuity of House operations.

Planned Protest. Iraq War veterans and others are expected to stand in the House and Senate visitor galleries today to urge Congress to end the conflict.

Protesters will enter the galleries as tourists, sitting in the gallery until a group of Iraq War veterans stand up. Other participants will then rise to their feet.

House and Senate rules prohibit visitors from standing in the galleries. If the protesters do stand, Capitol Police officers on duty will issue a warning, according to police spokeswoman Sgt. Kimberly Schneider. If protesters stand again, they will be told to leave.

“The rule is that you can’t stand in galleries, so if anybody comes into the galleries, and they’re standing, Capitol Police are going to deal with them,” Schneider said.

The protest was organized online at On that site, organizers write that if asked to leave the gallery, protesters will do so in an orderly fashion.

— Elizabeth Brotherton

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