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Do as I Say, Not as I Park

There’s a new parking sheriff in town, and she’s got tickets — not just for you double-parkers of the world, but a few of her own, too.

Kim Stevens, the finance director for the House Administration Committee and one of the pooh-bahs of the new House parking regime, has herself racked up more than a dozen parking violations, a source tells HOH. Her parking sins include parking multiple cars (you’re permitted to have only one) and parking in non-designated areas, the source tells us. In fact, a Roll Call photographer last week snapped a photo of what the source tells us is Stevens’ car, a blue Mercedes, sitting in a House-side garage with an expired D.C. registration and three parking tickets slid under the windshield wiper on the driver’s side. [IMGCAP(1)]

Stevens is one of a three-person team on the committee tasked with overseeing the parking operations for the House, House Administration spokesman Kyle Anderson tells HOH. Though she and the team just took over the parking duties starting Tuesday, Anderson says Stevens is starting her new task by vowing to be a better parker in the future. “She acknowledges the violations that have occurred over an extended period of time and is committed to adhering to parking guidelines moving forward,” he wrote in an e-mail.

Overseeing parking operations is one of the last duties to be transferred from the committee’s Republicans to the Democrats, he noted.

HOH would let this whole thing go with a warning, not that she can issue tickets or anything.

Capitol Cruising. Since the scandal surrounding Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho) broke, those of us who didn’t already know have learned that extracurricular bathroom activity isn’t confined to powdering one’s nose. Though many were surprised by Craig’s stall-side disorderly conduct arrest as part of a gay-sex sting, the phenomena of cruising bathrooms — a meet-up destination for guys looking for action in the stalls — isn’t new to Capitol Hill. Several bathrooms in and around the hallowed Capitol complex have reputations as exactly such spots.

Topping the list is a men’s room on the sixth floor of the Longworth House Office Building. Lore has it that the restroom, located in the southwest corner of the building, is a hook-up venue for staffers and other Hill types, several gay staffers tell HOH. Back in January, gossip blog Wonkette reported that a man posted a message on Craigslist for another guy he met up with in that bathroom.

A sixth-floor bathroom was the site of the arrest of former Rep. Jon Hinson (R-Miss.), who was collared back in 1981 on attempted sodomy charges, although it isn’t clear in which of the Longworth men’s rooms the naughty scene, er, went down. According to press reports at the time, the bathroom was “reported in complaints to police as a meeting place for homosexuals.”

It’s difficult to determine whether the bathroom still is an actual meet-up spot or whether that’s just legend, and many staffers, gay and otherwise, treat the bathroom’s reputation as a joke.

HOH sent a male operative into the rumored gay-sex lair, and he returned with this report: The bathroom seems perfectly situated for furtive assignations. It’s relatively dark, windowless and gets little traffic, since there are more storage rooms than offices nearby. A male staffer confirmed that most men in a nearby office frequent the smaller but brighter facilities near the elevators instead. Our male gumshoe also detected some naughty graffiti that seemed to jibe with the legend. “When?” one scrawler wrote on the back of a stall door. “1 pm any day” was the written response below (maybe, to be fair, they were talking about a coffee date). Another bit was less ambivalent, inviting interns to partake of free, ahem, services provided in the bathroom. A windowed men’s room two floors below had no such advertisements scrawled in the stalls.

Just off the official Hill campus, the men’s room in the basement of Union Station near the front of the building is another known hotspot. In fact, that’s the restroom where, the Idaho Statesman reported, a man claimed to have engaged in oral sex with Craig back in 2004. And books aren’t the only things getting checked out in the Library of Congress: Sources tell HOH that various loos in the Library’s complex are also rumored to be cruising sites.

Two Weddings and a Recess. Wedding bells weren’t just ringing over August recess, they were practically clanging. Not one, but two members of the freshman Democratic class got hitched over the break.

First up in the altar race was New York Rep. Mike Arcuri (D), who married Sabrina Deon, an insurance sales consultant, on Aug. 10. At least one of Arcuri’s fellow classmates, his Washington, D.C., roomie Rep. Zack Space (D-Ohio), made it to the nuptials, which were held at the historic Fountain Elms mansion in Utica, N.Y.

Following Arcuri’s lead, Connecticut Rep. Christopher Murphy (D) also said “I do” to his University of Connecticut law school sweetheart, Catherine Holahan. The two tied the knot Aug. 18 at the Wake Robin Inn in Lakeville, Conn., with fellow Nutmeg State Democratic Rep. Joe Courtney in attendance. Murphy and his bride followed up the wedding festivities with a honeymoon to Belize and Guatemala.

Always the Bridesmaid. What does a guy have to do to be named the most influential Harvard grad? Apparently, being president — as in commander in chief, leader of the free world, the guy with a seal of his very own, etc. — isn’t enough. The editors of the glossy, Tiffany-ad-stuffed magazine for Harvard alums, 02138, have once again passed over President Bush for the top spot on its annual list of heavyweights. Poor Bush is in the No. 2 slot, this year taking a backseat to former Vice President Al Gore. Last year, he played a Pip to millionaire-philanthropist-business-guy Bill Gates’ Gladys Knight.

Having only a public education herself, HOH can hardly question the wisdom of those fancy Ivy Leaguers. Richard Bradley, the mag’s executive editor, tells HOH that though the choice to pass over the government’s biggest VIP might seem “radical,” it was an easy one. “Bush has done nothing but lose influence, while Gore has reinvented himself,” he says. “There was even a question that Bush was the most influential in the White House.”

This is one contest against Bush for which, we’re sure, Gore won’t want a recount.

Keeping Score. John Warner, 8; Larry Craig, zero. That was the opening score Tuesday of Senators bidding soon-to-be retired Virginia Sen. Warner (R) adieu while ignoring sex-scandal-embattled Idaho Sen. Craig (R) on the Senate floor.

While Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) lined up to pontificate about Warner’s years of service before getting onto the day’s business, not one Senator threw Craig, who announced his resignation effective Sept. 30 over the weekend after pleading guilty to disorderly conduct after allegedly seeking lewd acts in a men’s bathroom, a bone.

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