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Maryland: Edwards Tries to Scare Voters With Web Whimsy

In the first in a new series of videos posted on her campaign Web site, lawyer and community activist Donna Edwards (D) slammed Rep. Albert Wynn’s (D) voting record on Wednesday in a Halloween-themed poem read by a narrator putting on his best Count Dracula accent.

Complete with spiderwebs, jack-o-lanterns and howling wolves, the poem says, “It’s Halloween. Time for tricks and treats. But parents beware. There’s a scary politician roaming the streets. … Masquerades as a Democrat. Thinks he can’t be beat. But if you look at his record you’ll see he’s pretty weak. … Voted for the Bush energy bill. Adding billions to big oil and gas. How much longer can we give Al Wynn a pass?”

Wynn’s campaign wasn’t laughing about the Web attack.

“While Ms. Edwards is thinking up campaign tricks this Halloween, Congressman Wynn, as senior regional whip, is fighting to pass SCHIP, he’s fighting for revisions to ‘No Child Left Behind,’ and as subcommittee chair, he’s fighting to ban the export of mercury,” campaign spokeswoman Lori Sherwood told Roll Call. “This Halloween, tricks are for kids.”

But Edwards’ attacks are likely to continue. A news release from the Edwards campaign said the new Web series will focus on pointing out examples of Wynn’s corporate contributions and Republican votes.

After barely beating Edwards in last year’s Democratic primary, Wynn has done his best to tout his liberal credentials this Congress and reconnect with the Democratic base in the 4th district. But Edwards continues to hammer Wynn’s record and claims that the Congressman has only turned more liberal because of his near-death experience at her hands in the previous cycle.

— John McArdle

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