Federici Sentenced to Probation for Role in Abramoff Affair

Posted December 14, 2007 at 2:39pm

Italia Federici, who admitted in July that she had concealed from investigators her role as a conduit for disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff to pass requests to former Interior Department official Steven Griles, was sentenced Friday to four years of probation and required to pay more than $74,000 in back taxes.

Federici was the founder and president of the Council of Republicans for Environmental Advocacy. In her guilty plea last summer, she admitted that she served as a go-between for Abramoff and Griles, providing Griles with in-depth information about Abramoff’s clients and requests. Abramoff had his clients channel donations to CREA.

Federici admitted that she lied to investigators from the Senate Indian Affairs Committee about her relationship with the two men.

Federici also pleaded guilty to tax evasion. In her plea deal, she admitted that she did not segregate her finances from CREA’s finances, and withdrew cash directly from CREA’s accounts, thereby avoiding more than $70,000 in taxes.

Griles also pleaded guilty to lying to the Senate investigators and is currently serving a 10-month prison sentence.