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Read the Gallup Polls on the Democrats and Republicans

A USA Today/Gallup poll of likely New Hampshire Democratic primary voters, conducted Dec. 17-19, shows Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in a dead heat, each with 32 percent support. John Edwards is a solid third at 18 percent. Bill Richardson follows with 8 percent, Joe Biden with 4 percent, Dennis Kucinich with 3 percent and Chris Dodd at 1 percent. Fifty-six percent of all likely New Hampshire primary voters say they are certain to support their chosen candidate, meaning just under half can be swayed in the remaining days before the Jan. 8 contest. In the survey, New Hampshire Democrats seemed to be buying Obama’s campaign argument that he can best bring “change” to Washington but they view Clinton as the most electable and most able to get things done.

Among the Republicans, Mitt Romney leads John McCain by a narrow 34 percent to 27 percent. All the others are way back in the pack with Rudy Giuliani at 11 percents, Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul tied at 9 percent and Fred Thompson at 4 percent. In the poll, A little more than half of GOP likely voters in New Hampshire said they were certain to vote for their first choice. No single issue dominated the responses of Republican voters.

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