12 Questions About The Jan. 3 Iowa Caucuses

Posted December 27, 2007 at 1:00am

1. So what is a presidential precinct caucus, anyway?
2. How does a caucus differ from a primary election?
3. It seems as though the Iowa caucuses are always the first event of the presidential nomination season. Why is that?
4. Where are these caucuses held?
5. How many people show up to caucus?
6. Who can participate in a precinct caucus?
7. Isn’t Jan. 3 awfully early to hold precinct caucuses?
8. So what exactly will happen on the evening of Jan. 3?
9. What can you tell me about the results that are reported?
10. If the purpose of the Iowa caucuses is to elect delegates to the county convention, then why do the results of the Iowa precinct caucuses receive so much national attention?
11. How often does the winner of the Iowa precinct caucuses go on to win the nomination?
12. Can a presidential candidate fare poorly in Iowa and still recover and win the nomination?