McCain Surges In National Poll After N.H., Clinton Also Gets A Bump

Posted January 11, 2008 at 7:03pm

Read the CNN/Opinion Research poll

This new national poll, conducted Jan. 9-10, shows that John McCain has made a remarkable 21 point jump since last month, before the Iowa caucuses and his win in New Hampshire, to lead the GOP field with 34 percent of support among Republicans. Huckabee, who won the Iowa Republican caucuses, is in second place in the new survey, with 21 percent. Rudy Giuliani follows with 18 percent, a drop of six points from the December poll, when the former New York City mayor was the front-runner. Mitt Romney is in fourth place, with 14 percent, Fred Thompson at 6 percent, Ron Paul at 5 percent, and Duncan Hunter of California at 1 percent.Margin of error is 5 percent.

Hillary Clinton appears also to have got a bounce from winning in New Hampshire, drawing the support is at 49 percent of Democrats, up nine points from the December survey, with Barack Obama at 36 percent, which is a six-point gain from his December standing. (However, a recent poll suggested she did not get a bump in South Carolina’s upcoming primary contest). John Edwards is a distant third, at 12 percent, with Dennis Kucinich at 1 percent. The sampling error for the Democratic results is 4.5 percentage points.