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Down To The Wire in South Carolina

McCain’s lead in South Carolina is holding steady and Huckabee has kept the number two spot, according to two polls released by Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby this week. McCain’s 29 percent both days led Huckabee’s 23 percent yesterday and 22 percent today. Reuters put Romney at 13 percent yesterday but only 12 percent today. Thompson, though, bounced from 12 percent yesterday to 14 percent today, leapfrogging Romney to third.

Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby’s margin of error is ‘ 3.44 percentage points.

An American Research Group poll conducted Jan. 15-16 also has McCain leading, coming in with 33 percent, 10 percentage points higher than Huckabee and 13 higher than Romney. In the results from that poll, McCain only takes 29 percent of the Republican vote, but he has a 2-to-1 lead over his nearest GOP rival with self-described independents and Democrats.

ARG also polled likely Democratic primary voters, and Obama and Clinton account for more than 80 percent of that vote. Obama comes in at 44 percent and Clinton trails him at 38 percent. Obama leads Clinton both among Democrats and independents, although Clinton only trails by 2 percentage points among Democrats. Native son Edwards is having trouble fending off that mercurial candidate “undecided,” but he does find more support among independents than members of his party. Of the 26 percent of respondents who are self-identified independents, 15 percent would vote for Edwards. He has only 7 percent of the Democratic respondents.

The ARG poll had a margin of error of ‘ 4 percentage points.

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