What The Exit Polls Said About South Carolina

Posted January 27, 2008 at 12:21pm

Read the full exit poll at MSNBC

Exit polls in South Carolina tell this story about how Barack Obama put together his big victory over Hillary Clinton.

– Obama’s margin among black voters was 78 percent to Clinton’s 19 percent.
– The black vote accounted for 55 percent of the Democratic turnout. The Washington Post analysis of the exit poll noted that this could be significant in several states that are part of the Feb. 5 mega-primary such as Georgia, Tennessee, Delaware, Missouri, Alabama, Illinois and New Jersey.
– The top choice among white voters was actually John Edwards, at 40 percent, to 36 percent for Clinton and 24 percent for Obama.
– Obama beat Clinton and Edwards by a margin of roughly 2-to-1 in one category of white voters, those under the age of 29. However, they accounted for only 5 percent of the turnout.
– Obama also ran better than Clinton among more highly-educated voters.
– More than half of the voters cited the ability to bring about change as their top priority and, among those, Obama bested Clinton 75 percent to 15 percent.
– One quarter of the voters said they made their choice based on their belief about which candidate “cares about people like me,” and Edwards won in this category with 43 percent to Obama’s 40 percent and Clinton’s 17 percent.
– Clinton ran away with the 14 percent of voters who based their choice on experience, registering 84 percent to Edwards’ 9 percent and Obama’s 7 percent.