Minnesota: Mondale Backs Bonoff for Ramstad Open Seat

Posted January 28, 2008 at 6:52pm

State Sen. Terri Bonoff, one of three candidates seeking the Democratic nomination for the open 3rd district seat, announced Monday that she has the endorsement of former Vice President Walter Mondale to go with those of 30 other local officials and party leaders.

“Terri’s unique experiences as a business executive and State Senator have prepared her to change business as usual in Washington,” Mondale, a former Minnesota Senator, said in a statement. “No candidate is better prepared to change our course in Iraq, address our economic woes, protect our environment, or defend the middle class.”

Iraq War veteran Ashwin Madia and Edina Mayor Jim Hovland also are running for the Democratic nod. Hovland, a former Republican, announced his candidacy earlier this month, while Madia recently announced that he has the support of Rep. Mike Honda (D-Calif.).

The only Republican in the race, state Rep. Erik Paulsen, officially announced his candidacy Sunday. And despite House Republicans’ attempts to keep retiring Rep. Jim Ramstad in office for another term, Paulsen’s campaign announced that he has banked $390,000 so far for the race.
— Shira Toeplitz