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Wisconsin Exit Polls: Obama Cutting Into Key Clinton Voting Blocs

As if to confirm a national Gallup poll from earlier today, exit polls in the Wisconsin primary show that Barack Obama is making significant inroads into groups of voters that had been the core of Hillary Clinton’s support. Clinton had enjoyed double-digit leads among women in polls earlier in the campaign, but Tuesday night in Wisconsin, they were running about even, according to the Associated Press. Clinton also lost ground among less-educated and lower income voters, ABC News said.

Obama bested Clinton among white voters and, as Gallup said in its analysis, he not only held his big edge among young voters, but cut into Clinton’s support among voters up to the age of 45. Obama won 64 percent of voters who described themselves as independents.

Looking ahead to states like Ohio, the Wall Street Journal had a piece Tuesday about the importance of working-class white men voters,

The AP also reported that the Democratic race was creating more interest than the all-but-decided Republican contest. Exit poll results showed that Wisconsin’s independents – free to vote in either primary – were opting for the Democratic contest by more than 2-to-1.

The New York Times report on the exit polls said Wisconsin voters were most concerned about the economy. About 60 percent of Republicans and 90 percent of Democrats described the economy in negative terms.

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