Looking At The General Election State By State

Posted February 24, 2008 at 12:43pm

One reason to follow the polls looking at general election match-ups state-by-state is to measure the results against Barack Obama’s claim that he can reshape the political map by turning out hordes of new voters, capturing the lion’s share of independents, and even bite off some Republican votes. There’s a good piece in today’s Washington Post on Obama’s red state prospects. See also a piece in the Austin American-Statesman about Obama attracting some disenchanted Republicans.

Poll Tracker reported Friday on eight state polls conducted by SurveyUSA where Hillary Clinton had statistically significant leads over John McCain in five, Obama in four while McCain led both Democrats convincingly in two. So, add to that list Rasmussen Reports polls today in Wisconsin and New Mexico which show McCain and Obama essentially tied in both places, and Clinton losing in both.