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Nation: DCCC Adds Multiple Features to Its Web Site

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee relaunched its Web site last week with new features dedicated to growing its online volunteer base.

Democrats say the Web site was redesigned with the activist in mind, including signing up additional members to its “Rapid Response Network,” a volunteer online group that is charged with such tasks as catching Republican candidates on tape across the country in their own “macaca moment.”

“The DCCC has worked aggressively over the last year to grow and broaden our online community in the same way we have been expanding the Congressional playing field,” DCCC spokesman Doug Thornell said.

According to the committee, the DCCC’s e-mail list has grown by more than 1 million supporters since this point in the 2006 cycle.

Not lacking in bells and whistles, the new Web site also includes a more prominent text-messaging program and plans to allow Democrats to participate in a virtual phone bank through the online portal.
— Shira Toeplitz